2021 Year-End Giving

Funding Priorities

Your Generous Support for our Funding Priorities Will Propel
St. Joseph Hill Academy into the Future
Scholarship and Financial Support (High School)
Scholarships and Financial Support allow us to provide tuition reductions which makes a significant difference in the lives of young women who have the potential to be outstanding students at SJHA, but may not have the financial resources to be able to attend.  Your generosity makes all the difference in the world for the recipients of scholarships and financial support. Scholarships include funds from our General Scholarship Fund, as well as Named Scholarships such as the Sr. M. Charlotte Gulban, FDC Memorial Scholarship and the Sr. M. William McGovern, FDC Scholarship. We are seeking donor support to establish endowments which will ensure that the Sr. M. Charlotte Gulban, FDC Memorial Scholarship and the Sr. M. William McGovern, FDC Scholarship both continue in perpetuity. We are also grateful to donors like Mary Alice Lucey O'Malley, Jeanine R. Khoury, and Connie Costa who have established Named Scholarships at St. Joseph Hill Academy High School. You can read testimonials that attest to the impact of their scholarships here.

Scholarship and Emergency Financial Support (Elementary School)
The Elementary School Emergency Scholarship Fund is designed to provide critically needed financial assistance to students who have experienced unanticipated financial hardship due to unexpected family circumstances.  This includes children who have experienced a sudden death or illness of a parent; loss of income due to business/job crises; or other major family emergency.  All too often, students are negatively impacted by sudden financial difficulties faced by their parents/family members.  These students are not only burdened by the damaging social/emotional aspects of these hardships, but oftentimes this means that the one constant in their life, their place in school, is also jeopardized due to the lack of financial support needed.  This becomes an overwhelming situation for a student who has already suffered a loss.  The Elementary School Emergency Scholarship Fund serves to mitigate the financial burden and allow the child to remain in school.
Supporting SJHA's academic innovation and growth (also referred to as SJHA's Greatest Needs and Priorities on our Donate Page) ensures we are at the forefront of Pre-K 3 through 12th grades Science, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM) and Humanities education best practices and technology. To effectively implement these innovations, we must also invest in state-of-the-art equipment and professional development and training for faculty.  You can read more below about our current greatest needs and priorities in academic innovation and growth. 
  • Anatomage Table: SJHA plans to incorporate an Anatomage Table into the ES and HS STEM Curriculum. The Anatomage Table will greatly enhance our Science, Math and Technology instruction. It is a virtual, 3D, life-size teaching tool of the human body.  An interactive tablet with three-dimensional views of real human bodies, the Anatomage table will allow our students, Elementary through High School, to learn about the human body via a life-sized anatomy visualization system.  The Anatomage table will help draw students’ interest and attention to the exploration of human anatomy, leading to more effective educational outcomes.  
  • Project Lead the Way: PLTW is core to SJHA's STEM curriculum. PLTW modules create an engaging, hands-on classroom environment that empowers students to develop in-demand knowledge and skills they need to thrive. It takes resources to ensure SJHA faculty are trained and have the proper tools to integrate new modules and continue teaching the ones that have already been introduced. Mr. Jan Paul Pablo, SJHA ES's STEM Program Director, was one of several Hill teachers first certified in PLTW and has gone on to train over half the faculty. “Hill’s PLTW science classes are honed to the skills of what students want to do. They are hands-on, student-driven, and teacher facilitated. It’s a partnership in the classroom with the students. The students are really developing knowledge themselves instead of simply learning it from a book. PLTW’s philosophy is that middle school is a time of exploration and their curriculum helps empower students to lead their own discovery." You can read about the modules that are already in place in the Elementary School here. SJHA would like to integrate new PLTW modules and skills to our STEM teachings including Cybersecurity and Computer Science.
Support for the Humanities at St. Joseph Hill Academy helps ensure our students have the resources they need to develop and refine their speech, writing, and reading skills through their study of literature, social studies, fine arts, and communication. It ensures students have access to enriching opportunities such as the Hill TV Studio, the Performing Arts Program, Arts and Music Education, a student-led newspaper, a literary magazine, and more.
St. Joseph Hill Academy High School is the only high school on Staten Island with the option to attend Kairos retreats. You can support our Kairos program with your philanthropic support. Kairos is a 4-day religious retreat based in the Catholic-faith, but all faiths are welcome to join.  The retreat is offered for juniors and seniors at Hill and is led by senior students and adult leaders that range from Hill Faculty/Staff to Hill Alumni who have made a Kairos retreat.  It is a wonderful time to step away from everyday life to build community with others and grow in relationship with God. 
Sr. Ernestine Jeck HS Library and Learning Commons:
St. Joseph Hill Academy has launched a campaign to garner financial support for the creation of a State-of-the-Art, traditional yet modern Library and Learning Commons in the High School.  An interactive learning space has been developed that is innovative and responsive to the needs of our students, yet continues to honor Hill's long standing traditions.  The Library and Learning Commons plans to be a bustling hub for learning that fosters community and collaboration, versatility and comfort. Visit stjosephhillacademy.com/hslibrary/ to read our visionary plan.


library transformation

library 2

The Elementary School Technology Lab:

new tech lab

Innovation and technology are thriving in the Elementary school with the newly designed Technology Lab.  Plans are in place to convert the science lab into a holistic STEM Lab, the math classrooms will become Math Labs, and the hallways will serve as common areas. You can see the renderings for the advancement plans here.


Support the High School Learning Commons and SJHA's Greatest Needs and Priorities for Capital Improvements


As you consider your year-end gift to St. Joseph Hill Academy, please remember that your support is critically important as we continue in our Mission.

Your gift may also result in a tax benefit to you. 

As you search for the perfect gift for a loved one, a year-end charitable gift in his or her name is always deeply appreciated.

 Your philanthropic support has enabled us to move forward with a:


In 2020-2021 your support allowed Hill to thrive against the odds:

  • The HS Class of 2021 (141 graduates) received $59.2 million in scholarships. Their commitment to academics was only matched by their resolve to serve the community.
  • The ES 2021 graduating class earned over $1.5 million in combined academic scholarships.
  • We are proud to announce that, as an extension of our STEM curriculum, we have entered into an exclusive partnership with SIUH/Northwell Health known as Hill's Educational Leadership in Medicine (HELM) Institute that will provide our students with an opportunity to explore the world of healthcare in real time by becoming immersed in the day-to-day activities of healthcare professionals. 
  • We continue to provide financial support, in the form of scholarships and grants to students who would otherwise be unable to attend. Thanks to your financial support, this year we introduced the Sr. M. Charlotte Gulban and the Sr. M. William McGovern Scholarships.
  • The ES also has much to be proud of including record enrollment and the distinction of being one of the only Catholic elementary schools in the Archdiocese of NY, and the only Catholic elementary school on Staten Island, with three classes on the 6th and 7th grade levels.
  • We are also proud to say that we have three PreK 3 and PreK 4 classes.
  • Our innovative Project Lead the Way program continues to grow, adding Green Architecture to our offerings of STEM classes in the Junior High. 


We would not be able to excel without your enduring support!  There is still so much to do!




Being a member of The 1919 Society is an opportunity for you to be fully recognized for the role you play in making SJHA the outstanding institution it is today. If you are a Founding Member of The 1919 Society, please renew your membership.  If you are not yet a member, please consider joining The 1919 Society by making a gift or pledge at one of the giving levels described. Please visit:  www.stjosephhillacademy.com/donate/  and select the fund of your choice in the dropdown box OR  feel free to call or email Dr. Elizabeth Basile, (718) 4471374 Ext. 9163 (email: [email protected]). On behalf of the entire St. Joseph Hill Academy community, we thank you.