2023 Annual Calendar Raffle Drive

Calendar Drive
Date Winner Raffle Number
March 1,2023 Susan Quirk 0163
March 2,2023 Kimberly Schirripa 0315
March 3,2023 Kevin Walsh 1347
March 6, 2023 Jeanine Khoury 0120
March 7, 2023 Lucille & Frank Zona 0889
March 8, 2023 Joann Milo 0866
March 9, 2023 William Wallace 0393
March 10, 2023 Elizabeth Frisari 0399
March 13, 2023 Helen Markoglu 0386
March 14, 2023 Kevin Troy 0082
March 15, 2023 Gaetano Nicchitta 0815
March 16, 2023 Rose Garcia 0886
March 17, 2023 Denise Benson 0860
March 19, 2023 Susan Utter 1354
March 20, 2023 Matthew Colandrea 0852
March 21, 2023 Debra Liantonio 1383
March 22, 2023 Lorraine Brown 0546
March 23, 2023 Christine Catella 0819
March 24, 2023 Scottie LaMorte 0532
What is a calendar drive?
The calendar drive is a fundraiser to help raise money to improve the educational experiences of our students and help those in need. The calendar will highlight our students and our school. All donors will also have a whole year’s worth of chances to win!
How does it work?
Your calendar number is on the last page of your calendar AND on the calendar entry stub. If you purchased your calendar online, your entry stub has already been completed with the information you provided and entered in the raffle. Just sit back and wait to see if you are a winner!
If you purchase your calendar in-person, please complete the entry stub and return it to St. Joseph Hill Academy, Finance Office, 850 Hylan Blvd, SI, NY 10305. Winners will be notified weekly. The list of winning numbers will be updated weekly at www.stjosephhillacddemy.com/2023calendar/
How much can you win?
Most days the winning prize is $50!! However, there are specific days on your calendar where the prize is as much as $100, $500 and even $1,000 dollars!! Once your number is drawn, the winner will receive a check for the day’s amount. Your check will be issued during that week and your lottery number will be re-entered for future drawings.
How do I get started?
If you would like to purchase a calendar(s), please complete the online payment form at stjosephhillacademy.com/2023calendar/ or fill out the Order Form below and submit it with a check or credit card to St. Joseph Hill Academy for the amount purchased (calendars are $25.00 each).