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Saint Joseph Hill AcademyUnder the Direction of the Daughters of Divine Charity

School Implementation Plan as of August 2020

St. Joseph Hill Academy High School
Maria A. Molluzzo School
St. Joseph Hill Academy is an all-girls commuter school, educating girls in grades 9 – 12. Every student has a laptop, which they receive in freshman year.
Communication with Parents/Students/Faculty/Staff
“This Week at Hill” goes out on Sunday evenings; weekly during the school year, and frequently throughout the summer with “This Past Week at Hill” going out on Friday evenings during the Pandemic. Emails when applicable to keep parents updated on decisions made. Zoom meetings with students and parents. Surveys through Google Forms and information posted on our school website and social media. Our individual school specific reopening Plan will be posted to our website. Further information will also be available in our student and faculty handbooks.
COVID Response Point People
Maria Molluzzo, Principal
Kerry Sullivan, Legal and Compliance Officer
Ruth Ann Corazza, School Nurse. These three individuals will serve as the High School Health and Safety Task Force Instruction.
Models Offered:
Option A - Full Remote Learning - Students will learn from home for 5 full days of instruction by parent choice.
  • Parents choosing the option of full-time remote learning at home must make that choice with the understanding that the student must remain on full remote learning for the entire quarter.
  • Should parents decide they want their daughter to return to school for the next quarter, they must apply to the principal for in-person learning no later than two weeks before the commencement of the next quarter. The principal and administration will review the case and depending on safety factors such as class availability, a decision will be made by the principal and administration.
Option B - Hybrid Model - We are opening the high school building 5 days a week. Faculty will be in 5 days a week. 50% of the students will be present on any given school day. Students will be placed in two distinct, separate cohorts. The cohorts will alternate between 3 and 2 days a week of in-person instruction. When home and learning remotely, students will livestream into their classes for synchronous learning using their laptops.
For the first semester – because under the hybrid model we will be at 50% in-person capacity:
  • Clubs will be encouraged to meet on Zoom.
  • School ceremonies and addresses to parents and inductions into honor societies will take place virtually so parents can participate.
  • No cafeteria service will be offered.
  • No sports will take place until CHSAA approves it.
  • Physical education classes will take place with a restricted curriculum- socially distant – 12 feet apart.
  • Any clubs involving singing will take place socially distant – 12 feet apart.
All employees will be trained on protocols and procedures, using the guidelines distributed by the CDC, New York State Education Department, the New York State Board of Health and the New York City Board of Health.
The school nurse will be responsible for responding to COVID-19 concerns.
Per written COVID-19 policies and procedures signed and acknowledged by employees and students, once school resumes -- all employees and legal guardians for students must notify the Principal of any positive COVID-19 test result. The Principal will notify the High School Health and Safety Task Force, and the President of Saint Joseph Hill Academy. The school nurse will notify the NYC and/or New York State Department of Health.
Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.
Should a COVID-19 case be reported to the Principal for a student or faculty member, all students and faculty members in a given cohort will move to full remote teaching/learning for 14 days. The High School task force will do contact tracing to determine any exposure to the second cohort of students, faculty members and/or employees. If no more cases are reported in the first Cohort and the second cohort, the Cohort that had a positive test can return to the building after the infected individual is cleared by a licensed health care provider who certifies that the affected person no longer has COVID-19. Notwithstanding this certification, no one will be allowed to return to school unless they have been fever free for three consecutive days.
Should a second case be reported in a Cohort that is on a remain at home directive, the entire school will be closed for 14 days from the date of the second reported case and the High School Task force will do contact tracing to determine if other students or employees are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms and/or have tested positive for COVID-19. If no more cases are reported during the fourteen day stay at home period from the date of the second reported case, all students and faculty can return to the building. Any individuals who tested positive will not return to school unless cleared by a licensed health care provider who certifies that the affected person no longer has COVID-19. Notwithstanding this certification, no one will be allowed to return to school unless they have been fever free for three consecutive day.
All parents/ legal guardians will perform at home screening of students for COVID-19 symptoms before leaving their homes and email a daily COVID-19 screening questionnaire to the school. Any student with a fever of above 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit or symptoms indicated in the questionnaire, must stay home.
Parents must not attempt to provide their children with fever reducing medications or medications that might mask the symptoms of COVID-19. Doing such is counterproductive and dangerous. If this is discovered, it will result in a mandate that students will need to remain home for the duration of a marking period and work remotely.
The same protocol outlined above applies to members of the faculty and staff.
Before being permitted to enter the building, all individuals including contractors, vendors, and visitors when unavoidable, will be screened. Those with a fever above 100 degrees will not be permitted to enter the building.
Should a staff member develop symptoms during the school day, he or she will be discreetly asked to (a) leave the building immediately, (b) report their symptoms to a medical professional, (c)get tested for COVID-19 and (d) stay home for a minimum of 10 days from the onset of the first symptoms. No employee will return to work unless they provide a letter from a licensed health care provider that they no longer have COVID-19. Notwithstanding this certification, no employee will be allowed to return to school unless they have been fever free for three consecutive days.
Students who develop symptoms during the school day must be immediately moved to a designated Isolation Room, where they must wear a face covering until they are picked up, as soon as possible, by an authorized person. The parent/legal guardian will be notified, and a safe pick up will be arranged. The parent/legal guardian must (a) contact a licensed health care provider to report symptoms, (b) have the student tested for COVID-19 and (c) keep the student home for a minimum of 10 days from the onset of the first symptoms. No student will be allowed to return to school unless they provide a letter from a licensed health care provider stating that they no longer have COVID-19. Notwithstanding this certification, no student will be allowed to return to school unless they have been fever free for three consecutive days.
Administration and maintenance personnel will close off and restrict the areas accessed by any sick individual or any individual exhibiting symptoms.
The Isolation Room or any other area occupied by sick or symptomatic individuals will not be opened or utilized until cleaning and disinfection have taken place in an acceptable and prescribed manner following CDC Guidelines. Students and staff will be monitored for absenteeism as well as symptoms or types of illness. All students, faculty, and staff will cooperate with all quarantine orders issued by the federal, state, and local government directives.
Signage will be used to remind individuals to:
  • Stay home if they feel sick.
  • Cover their nose and mouth with an acceptable face covering when unable to maintain social distance from others or in accordance with any stricter policy implemented by the school.
  • Properly store and, when necessary, discard PPE.
  • Adhere to social distancing instructions.
  • Report symptoms of, or exposure to, COVID-19, and how they should do so.
  • Follow hand hygiene, and cleaning and disinfection guidelines.
  • Follow respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette.
Signage will be placed
  • On the entry doors of the building to outline safety expectations upon entering,
  • Social distancing markers throughout the buildings and on outdoor walkways (use of visual aids such as painter’s tape, stickers, signs, etc. to illustrate traffic flow and appropriate spacing),
  • In all bathrooms as reminders for following good hygiene methods including proper handwashing techniques, and
  • In classrooms, walkways, and outdoor seating areas to reinforce the message.
  • Near touchless anti-bacterial stations
  • Installation of RGF Air Purification units in all offices and classrooms and on rooftop.
  • Provision of face shields and masks for all
  • Wipes, gloves, sanitizer in all classrooms
  • Touchless faucets
  • Touchless Paper
  • Towel Dispensers
  • Touchless soap dispensers
  • Multiple, touchless anti-bacterial stations throughout the school
  • Installation of plexi-glass barriers in guidance offices and public-facing offices.
Student desks and seats will be organized at least six feet apart and facing the same direction to avoid face-to-face instances. All additional furnishings will be removed to increase the space between students and maximize square footage. Students at home will livestream lessons using their laptops. All classrooms are outfitted with motion detecting Poly studio cameras.
This will allow students, regardless of location in the building or at home, to have full livestream lessons with teachers. In the case of the absence of a teacher, students in that particular class will be supervised by another teacher or administrator. In this case, the teacher will teach remotely (if circumstances permit) or students will complete a virtual assignment.
Students will store all belongings in their backpacks/shoulder bags at their assigned desks. Lockers will remain out of use.
All windows and inner doors will remain open to ensure proper ventilation. Social distancing signs and additional floor and wall markers will be used to illustrate traffic flow and appropriate spacing.
For the safety of all, the school will:
  • Discuss coughing and sneezing etiquette and procedures.
  • Make available hand sanitizer, gloves, disinfectant wipes, and tissues for use by students and staff.
  • Educate students on the importance of not touching their faces.
  • Ensure attendance policies are supportive of students and staff staying home when sick.
  • Encourage non-touch acknowledgement to show friendship.
  • Avoid sharing of community supplies.
  • Provide time to frequently clean supplies.
  • Remove upholstered furniture and soft seating.
  • Discontinue use of restroom/hall passes and hard copy student/faculty/staff signin/sign-out logs.
  • Students will be permitted water bottles as water fountains will be capped and not be in use. Students will be permitted to use the water filling stations.
  • Students’ cell phones will remain in their backpacks and are not to be used during school hours.
  • Students will all be given individual kits in place of group kits (Robotics, Digital Electronics, Engineering) and supplies (Studio Art) where applicable. In cases where teachers permit students to leave supplies in school, they will be stored in a plastic box labeled with her name. Storage boxes will be frequently sanitized.
  • Students will not share books or technological devices. Should a student need a loaner laptop, the laptop will be sanitized before and after use.
Entrance Procedures
There will be one entrance designated for students and another for faculty and staff. Students will have their temperatures taken by the thermos scanners, faculty and staff by a digital laser thermometer.
  • Students will have their temperature checked before entering the building, as will administrators, faculty, and staff.
  • Social distancing markers will be placed on the floor or walls in key locations. They will be placed on the floor in the entrance and outside the door. Should several students arrive at the same time, these spacers will ensure students remain appropriately distanced from each other.
  • Students will report to the social hall or cafeteria if entering the building earlier than 7:30 a.m. where they will be supervised and socially distanced. At 7:30 students will report to their classrooms adhering to social distancing where they will be supervised by an authorized adult.
  • Visitors shall not be permitted to enter the buildings during operating hours, with the exception of emergency or law enforcement officers in an official capacity and those persons providing emergency repair services within the building that cannot be reasonably delayed until non-operational hours. All authorized visitors will have their temperature taken and will be required to wear a cloth face mask.
Bathroom Procedure
  • Students, faculty, and staff will be trained on proper hand and respiratory hygiene.
  • Open windows for improved ventilation.
  • Social distancing markers will be placed on the floor or walls to keep students distanced should several students line up to use the bathroom.
  • Encourage healthy habits and reinforce hand washing routines, in accordance with the recommended method from the health department.
  • No hand blowers will be used. Touchless faucets, paper towels and soap dispensers will be provided.
  • The only drying method provided will be paper towels.
  • Bathrooms will be frequently sanitized throughout the school day by cleaning staff, and thoroughly cleaned daily after dismissal.
Break/ Lunch Period Procedure
Students will bring lunch from home and eat socially distanced, in the cafeteria and social hall. Students will be permitted to remove their masks to eat and drink, but will be supervised to ensure they keep social distancing at all times. At times, when possible, lunch will take place outdoors following social distancing requirements. Common equipment such as the playground will not be in use. Sharing of food and beverages is prohibited. At the conclusion of lunch, table tops will undergo a proper cleaning.
All staff will observe social distancing procedures during their break times. Maximum capacity of staff areas will be posted and monitored. Windows will be opened during the school day to allow for the flow of fresh air. Surfaces will be sanitized throughout the day, and a thorough cleaning will be performed after the school day. Staff members' lunch breaks will be staggered to limit the number of individuals at a time.
Restrict movement through the hallways while changing classes by staggering dismissal from each room and ensure students are properly spaced out while walking in a line.
Use social distance markers in the hallways showing one-way travel paths in specific directions. Designate stairways as up or down, with signage indicating such.
Dismissal Procedure
  • Dismissal times will be staggered to avoid crowding.
  • Students will follow social distancing guidelines and exit the building. There will be supervision at all times to ensure social distancing. When bus service resumes, students will follow social distancing guidelines to line up for and board the buses.
Class Assignments/ Procedures
Face coverings (plastic face shields and masks) are required at all times, except for meals. When instruction is taking place and students are socially distanced, students may lower their masks, but must leave their face shields in place.
Should students have medical documentation stating that they are unable to medically tolerate a face covering, including cases where such covering would impair their physical health or mental health, the student will be required to remain home for remote learning.
Student classes will be assigned schedules and students will be assigned seats in each room. Homeroom will be suspended with the first period being extended in its place. Students will change classes as to allow maximum benefit for their education; for choices they made regarding their programs as well as classes chosen (electives) and classes qualified for (college level and/or advanced placement). Hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and gloves will be in each classroom to allow for the sanitizing of desks and chairs prior to the commencement of each class. Whenever possible, faculty, with permission, may utilize areas out of doors to hold class.
Indoor and outdoor areas (cafeteria, gym, playground) will not be used for congregation by students or adults. Outdoor areas will be used by teachers whenever possible for instruction or breaks. Students will be supervised carefully to ensure social distancing and respiratory hygiene guidelines are followed. Students will only use their own materials in such locations (shared tables and chairs will not be provided).
To maximize in-person instruction, measures will be taken to decrease density, movement, and use of facilities 
  • Finding alternative spaces to allow for more in-person instruction (i.e. library, social hall, gymnasium, cafeteria)
  • limiting in-person presence to only those staff who are necessary to be at the school during normal hours
  • class schedules will be adjusted by grade level to allow more time between classes to reduce congestion in hallways, walkways, and buildings
  • live streaming instruction for those students who need to be remote at times.
Explain classroom instruction
In –person classes will be at half capacity or less while following the social distancing guidelines. Poly Tech Cameras have been purchased for all classrooms so that those at home that day and those choosing remote learning from home will have full access to livestream lessons. Students opting for remote learning will be given a schedule when they are to log in for lessons and participate in class via live streaming.
Sanitizing and Disinfecting
Care One Cleaning Service will provide daily disinfectant cleaning and sanitizing of all buildings.
Sanitizing Process
  • Commonly used surfaces will be cleaned throughout the day.
  • Thorough daily disinfectant cleanings will take place after students have left the building.
  • Bathrooms will be disinfected by wiping down with CDC-approved cleansers throughout the day.
  • There will be an avoidance of, or limitation of, shared objects and equipment. Should objects be touched inadvertently, the resources will be disinfected between each use.
  • Classrooms will be thoroughly cleaned each day, with desks and chairs being disinfected after each class. There will be a written plan with Care One and our maintenance staff for disinfecting at the end of each day and throughout the day.
  • Staff will make arrangements to preserve cleaned and disinfected areas to the greatest extent possible.
  • When cleaning, spaces must be adequately ventilated before children arrive.
  • Custodial and maintenance staff will ensure filters are regularly cleaned and replaced.
The majority of our seniors drive. Students will provide their own transportation to school.
Security Guard
We employ a full-time security guard at our main entrance. All visitors will be vetted, guard will monitor the thermo scanner and call the appropriate administrator/supervisor when necessary.
Fire Drills
Conduct fire drills with face shields/masks on a “staggered” schedule with smaller numbers of students present to maintain social distancing. However, all students will receive instruction in emergency procedures and participate in drills while they are in attendance in-person.
Lockdown Drills
Conduct lockdown drills with face shields/masks on a “staggered” schedule with smaller numbers of students present to maintain social distancing (alternate so each cohort of in-person instruction takes part in fire drills; however, all students will receive instruction in emergency procedures and participate in drills while they are in attendance in-person. Conduct lockdown drills in the classroom without “hiding”/ “sheltering” but provide an overview of how to shelter or hide in the classroom.
Mental Health/Behavioral & Emotional Needs
We employ two full-time guidance counselors who have been, and will continue to be, available to address mental health, behavioral and emotional needs of students, faculty and staff during remote, hybrid and in-person instruction.
Additional Information
There will be no in-person field trips, assemblies, athletic events, practices, special performances, school-wide parent meetings and other large gatherings based on state/federal guidance. However, wherever activities, events, or meetings can be done virtually, they will. Our drama coach/musical director took courses on putting on a virtual musical!
Respectfully submitted,
Maria Molluzzo
Principal, St. Joseph Hill Academy High School
Date: August 7, 2020