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The course is designed to introduce the basic elements of the language to the beginner student. The emphasis is to attain a considerable degree of proficiency in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing within a minimum period of time, focusing of communication. Fundamental rules of grammar and idiomatic expressions in the language are studied. With the learning of a foreign language, the students are exposed to the understanding and appreciation of a different culture, customs, and traditions.

This course aims to reinforce lessons studied in Italian I and Spanish I and bring the student to a move advanced level of studying the language.  Students will review and expand vocabulary topics. Basic grammar topics will be reexamined with exposure to new grammatical structures.  Students will begin to express themselves more meaningfully in the target language, both in speaking and writing. Students will also continue to build their listening and reading skills in the language.  Cultural topics will also be presented.

This course builds upon knowledge obtained in the levels I and II of the target language.  Students will recycle vocabulary and grammar learned previously.  Advanced elements of grammar topics will be presented along with the further expansion of vocabulary. Students are expected to use these new forms in their writing and speaking tasks.  In addition, students will attain a higher level of understanding the written and oral language.  Students will continue to learn about the culture.

This course offers a review of the basic skills learned in Italian I and II. It will focus on writing in Italian about present and past events and developing basic to intermediate communication skills in Italian. Through a progressive use of the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, students will develop oral and written proficiency within the context of Italian culture.

This course offers a review of the basic skills learned in the three years of Spanish (I, II, and III).  It will further expand the four basic language skills (writing, reading, speaking, listening), emphasizing oral communication.  The students will read and analyze brief Spanish literary works to help with reading skills and at the same time learn culture and history.  Other Spanish artistic forms such as theater, music, art, movies will be used to expose students to authentic language and culture.  Discussions in the targeted language will be encouraged to develop oral skills along with dialogues and specific oral presentations in Spanish.    

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This course offers a review of the material learned in Spanish I, II, and III.  It also focuses on the reading and discussion of various literary works.  These selections vary in genre and were written by Spanish and Latin-American authors.