New for 2022-2023 School Year

Anatomage Table
SJHA's state-of-the-art Anatomage Table will enhance our Science, Math and Technology instruction. It is a virtual, 3D, life-size teaching tool of the human body. This interactive table with three-dimensional views of real human bodies will allow our students to learn about the human body via a life-sized anatomy visualization system. The Anatomage Table will help draw students' interest and attention to the exploration of human anatomy, leading to more effective educational outcomes.
AP Capstone Program
Hill implemented its AP Capstone Program this year. All juniors have the opportunity to obtain AP credit through the first part of the AP Capstone Program: AP Seminar. This is an interdisciplinary program that encourages students to demonstrate critical thinking, collaboration, and academic research skills on topics of their choosing. Students will improve their writing, presentation, and collaborative skills throughout their courses, beginning in freshman year. All students will be given the opportunity to receive AP credit. Students will then have the opportunity to enroll in AP Research in senior year, which can earn them an AP Capstone Certificate and an AP Capstone Diploma.
College Cybersecurity (Project Lead the Way)
Cybersecurity is now offered as a part of Hill's STEM Pathway Program. A Project Lead the Way Computer Science course, Cybersecurity helps students establish an ethical code of conduct, while learning to defend data in today’s complex cyberworld. Mrs. Sandy Nevins, Hill’s STEM and PLTW Program Coordinator, teaches the course this school year following a training program she completed in June.

"When I was little the only thing that got me into the dentist's office were the puzzles on the back of the Highlights magazine. Cybersecurity is like being the puzzle maker as well as the puzzle solver," said Mrs. Nevins.

The course exposes Hilltoppers to the ever growing and far reaching field of Cybersecurity. As with all PLTW courses at Hill, students accomplish this through problem-based learning, where students role-play and train as cybersecurity experts. The four components of the cybersecurity course include personal security, system security, network security, and applied cybersecurity.

Hill is equipping our students with the skills they need to meet society’s challenges!
Donna ChanOn November 15th, 2022, Hill Alumna Ms. Donna Chan '98 was a Guest Speaker of the Cybersecurity class. Ms. Chan (CISA, CRISC, CFE, CICA, CAMS) is the Head of Cybersecurity and Info Security Audit at MUFG Bank (the largest bank in Japan).

Ms. Chan shared her impressive experience in the field of Cybersecurity and told the students, "Hill has given me the confidence to do my job in a very male-dominated world." Sharing the unique and interesting work she does with our students helps them, not only as they study Cybersecurity for the first time, but it also enables them to explore the variety of educational paths they can take and the tools they will need to be successful in their future careers. Hill Alumnae are opening our students' minds to the possibilities that are out there and showing them, by example, that the skills they begin developing at Hill will help them the rest of their lives.

Thank you so much, Ms. Chan, for your visit! 
Performing Arts Course
Hill introduced a Performing Arts course as an addition to its Arts program this year taught by Ms. Samantha Hermansen. The course, offered to all grade levels, covers the basics of theater education, audition preparation, public speaking, and “how to theater."
Del BoveSeptember 2022 saw the addition of an official Archery Team to Hill's sports program. The team will begin competing in the Spring of 2023. Archery has also become a component of Hill's Physical Education curriculum. Trained by the National Archery in Schools Program, Hill Athletics follow all necessary safety protocols. Archery allows student athletes to improve their focus, confidence, upper body strength, and hand-eye coordination while making friends and having fun.