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Saint Joseph Hill AcademyUnder the Direction of the Daughters of Divine Charity

Hill Senior Legacy Challenge

senior class gift

As our final year at SJHA comes to a close, we can look back and see that we have certainly been a class of many firsts! The school would now like to introduce another "first" that would help us to leave our mark on SJHA forever. This year we will be participating in creating a "Senior Gift". With a donation of $20.21 from each of you, we will be collecting funds that will be going towards the beautification of the entire first floor lobby, including new senior lounge furniture!


This is an amazing opportunity as the school is asking us to take the first step in a wonderful journey of making Hill an even more beautiful place for young women like us to learn and thrive in.  Even though as the Class of 2021, we never got to use the senior lounge, we can create a really nice testament that can go towards the enjoyment of seniors that come after us and remember us in this unique year. 


100% participation is our goal and we hope you can pledge $20.21 but you are welcome to give at any amount that is meaningful to you. This donation is a great opportunity to come together and manifest our school spirit into something that will be here long after us. You are welcome to use the donate link below or you can give your gift directly to Mrs. Riccardi in the Main Office.


Thank you and I hope you consider joining in this unique and commemorative opportunity for us as the class of 2021!