JV and Varsity Basketball (Winter Season)

Varsity Coach: James Garin
Assistant Coaches: Matthew Garin and Brittany Carroll
JV Coach:  Ashley Vogel
Assistant Coach: Matt Guiliano
Basketball conditioning and open gym workouts begin after school starting in late September. Team selection and the official season will start the first week of November. There are both JV and Varsity teams. 
Hill's Varsity and JV Basketball teams are off to a strong start in the Winter 2022 Season despite the challenge of frequent schedule changes due to COVID. Our Varsity and JV coaches shared some reflections below! 

Varsity Coach James Garrin said, "Through it all our players have continued to work hard and stay focused. We didn't get to play last season, so we are truly happy just to be playing, but getting off to a good start has definitely been very rewarding!"

JV Coach Ashley Vogel reflected, "No one could have imagined how the season has gone so far but the players and the parents have been so amazing. The girls are an eager bunch and are always looking forward to playing. When games are canceled you can see how much more excited they are when we get to play. They have given 110% each and every time we step foot on the court either for practice or a game. For me, this season has been a rewarding one for sure. I think coming back to my Alma Mater and coaching a team I used to play on has meant the girls and I have created a unique bond. We understand each other... We are looking forward to continuing our season and putting Hill on the basketball map!”