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Saint Joseph Hill AcademyUnder the Direction of the Daughters of Divine Charity

Virtual Meet and Greet with the Hill Athletic Department

Zoom Meet and Greet with Athletic Department
Attention 8th Grade Girls
We would like to personally invite you to meet the St. Joseph Hill Academy Koalas!
If you took the TACHS Test and selected St. Joseph Hill Academy as one of your choices, we would like to welcome you to join a
Zoom Meet and Greet for our Athletic Department.
Many of our teams will be holding a short meet this week, with some of our current players and some of our coaching staff so you can see these amazing athletes for yourself and get a feel for some of the sports we have to offer you! We would love to show you what it means to be a Koala!
Here is the lineup:
Tuesday 12/8
7-7:15 pm Volleyball
7:15-7:30 pm Cross Country/Track and Field
7:30-7:45 pm Lacrosse
7:45-8:00 pm Swim
8-8:15 pm Soccer
Wednesday 12/9
7-7:15 pm Cheerleading
7:15-7:30 pm Basketball
7:30-7:45 pm Softball
7:45-8 pm Golf
Thursday 12/10
7:15-7:30 pm Bowling
7:30-7:45 pm Tennis
7:45-8:00 pm Flag Football
All of these Zoom Meeting links are listed below in chronological order.
Feel free to come to as many Zooms as you want. If you are even thinking about joining a team, we would love to meet you! If you cannot make a Zoom and you are interested in contacting the coach or you have any other questions, please email and she will provide with whatever information you may need.
We are very excited to try this new way to meet our prospective students, since we did not get to have our traditional Open House.
Looking forward to seeing you all. Hill Strong! Koala Strong!
Tuesday 12/8
Volleyball 7:00-7:15 pm 
Meeting ID: 998 9736 9822 Passcode: Volley1
Cross Country/Track and Field 7:15-7:30 pm 
Lacrosse 7:30-7:45 pm 
Meeting ID: 349 916 4705 Passcode: lax
Swim 7:45-8:00 pm 
Meeting ID: 997 8671 1771 Passcode: SJHAswim
Soccer 8:00-8:15 pm 
Wednesday 12/9
Cheerleading 7:00-7:15 pm 
Meeting ID: 966 2352 9071 Passcode: Cheer1
Basketball 7:15-7:30 pm 
Meeting ID: 965 9408 9294 Passcode: Basketball
Softball 7:30-7:45 pm 
Meeting ID: 944 4629 4031 Passcode: Softball
Golf 7:45-8:00 pm 
Meeting ID: 926 6273 0877 Passcode: Golf
Thursday 12/10
Bowling 7:15-7:30 pm 
Meeting ID: 994 1580 7066 Passcode: Bowling
Tennis 7:30-7:45 pm 
Meeting ID: 930 4903 7644 Passcode: Tennis
Flag Football 7:45-8:00 pm 
Meeting ID: 875 3721 6494 Passcode: 87dU4j