Class of 2027 Sports Interest Forms

athletics class of 2027

We are proud to have a variety of sports that have a combination of highly competitive teams, a rigorous practice/workout program, and fun-filled seasons that build values such as teamwork, determination, camaraderie, and perseverance. As Koalas, we pride ourselves in striving for victory with integrity and honor. We have a gymnasium full of banners that remind us of how successful our teams have been, past and present. These banners serve as an inspiration to our current athletes as they work towards bringing more championships to Hill.

Please complete interest forms below for the sports you would like to pursue at Hill.

There will be updates on our website as new information comes to us regarding sports, camps and clinics. Please follow the Hill Athletics Instagram @stjhillhs_athletics. We are so happy to have you join the Hill Community and look forward to seeing you in the Fall!


Cheerleading extends into the Winter Season as well. Please note there is a Mandatory Meeting for everyone interested in Hill's Varsity Cheerleading Team on Monday, May 8, 2023 at 7:00pm in the Hill Social Hall. Cheerleaders will also be attending a mandatory sleep away camp in PA. Camp dates are either Aug 24-27 or Aug. 28-31.
Track consists of 3 seasons: Cross Country (Fall), Indoor (Winter), and Outdoor (Spring). The better runners participate in all three seasons, but some student-athletes make a good transition to and from other sports. Basketball players often use cross-country for conditioning. Soccer players will join the Indoor and Outdoor Seasons. We welcome runners of all abilities.
Swim extends into the Winter Season as well.
Varsity Soccer 2022 CHSAA Archdiocesan Champs, 2022 NY City Champs and 2022 NY State Finalists
2022 Staten Island Champs