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Saint Joseph Hill AcademyUnder the Direction of the Daughters of Divine Charity

Game Show Showdown

On Friday, March 22, Student Council hosted a successful school-wide Game Show. After a nail-biting neck-at-neck game, the Blue Team came out victorious.

The school was divided into two teams, Blue and Red. Most faculty members also participated, donning one or both colors that day leading up to the events. There were several exciting games—trivia, hula hooping, dancing, tug-of-war, name that tune, and one intense game of Simon Says. 

The school enthusiastically played along, competitively working as two large teams for a dress-down prize. School spirit soared and the girls screamed with excitement with each new game played. While Mrs. Mayrose’s Red team fought valiantly, Mr. DeLisa’s Blue Team came out on top.

Be sure to check out all the pics from the event in our 2018-19 photo album under the “About Us” tab!

Please enjoy these highlights: