Academic Program

academic program

St. Joseph Hill Academy has a long tradition of offering college preparatory curricular programs that seek to meet the individual needs of students. We do this by providing a highly customizable experience. With a selection of Honors, College, and AP Courses, Hill is equipped to challenge students of varying abilities.

Every St. Joseph Hill Academy student completes four years of core academic subjects. All students are programmed to earn an Advanced New York State Regents Diploma. In addition to the core courses, students can choose between our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Pathway or our Humanities Pathway. The Pathway forms the foundation for each student’s academic program.

Hill realizes the importance of technology as a vital tool to learning. As a technology-savvy high school, we believe in equipping our students for "anywhere, anytime learning."

In choosing a pathway, students should consider their core area of interest and their academic strengths. There is no wrong choice. The math, science, English, and social studies requirements for New York State Regents, along with the school's religion requirement, are identical in both programs and as a result, students can change pathways up until the end of sophomore year.

Each pathway has separate requirements for graduation, however, ALL courses are available as electives regardless of the chosen pathway. Numerous AP, College, and Honors courses are available for qualified students.

The CORE Six Courses that all students take regardless of Pathway are:

  1. English
  2. Social Studies
  3. Mathematics
  4. Religious Studies
  5. Science
  6. World Language