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Saint Joseph Hill AcademyUnder the Direction of the Daughters of Divine Charity

Humanities Pathway

The humanities program of study encourages learning from multiple perspectives, enabling students to make connections between disciplines. Emphasis is on developing critical readers, effective writers, and articulate speakers through the study of literature, art, social studies, communications, and theater arts. Beginning freshman year, students will refine their speech and writing, paying particular attention to persuasive, analytical, journalistic, and dramatic techniques. This foundation will prepare students for the challenge of classical studies, art history, music, film, psychology, law, and language studies. The program is supplemented with a 3 year sequence in digital or fine arts and balanced with a range of optional STEM electives. The program will culminate in a senior portfolio or research project.

Program Requirements (Honors, College and AP courses available for qualified students)

English: 4 years are required.  Course options are English I (Survey of Literature), English II (British Literature), English III (American Literature) or AP Literature and Composition, and English IV (World Literature) or AP Language and Composition.

Social Studies: 4 years are required.  Global I, Global II or AP European, US History I or AP US History, Government and Politics or AP Government and Politics, and Economics are all required.  Electives include AP Psychology and Sociology.

Humanities: Speech and Writing, Theater Arts, Classics, AP Art History or Music Appreciation/Musical Theater, and Psychology in Film and Literature are required.

Religion: 4 years are required.  Religion I ( The Old Testament), Religion II (The New Testament), Religion III (Church History), Religion IV (Social Justice and World Religions).  Elective is Theology.

Language: 4 years are required.  4 year sequences available in Spanish, French, and Italian.  Electives include Latin and American Sign Language.

Math: 3 years are required.  Course options are Algebra, Algebra/Geometry H, Geometry, Geometry/Algebra II H, Algebra II/Precalculus, Precalculus/Calculus H, Calculus, AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC.  Electives include AP Statistics and Business and Marketing.  Math placement is determined by an in-house assessment administered in the spring.   Students with an 88% or higher on the Algebra regents will be considered for placement directly into Geometry H.

Science: 3 years are required.  Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are required. Electives include AP Biology, Forensics, Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental, AP Environmental

*An additional STEM elective is required.  Students can choose from any math or science or elect a technology or engineering elective such as Engineering Design, Digital Electronics, or AP Computer Science A.*  

P.E./Health: 1 semester of health and 3 semesters of P.E. are required.

Art: 3 semesters are required.  Fine Arts I, II and III or Digital Arts I, II, and III.  Visit ‘The Arts’ section of our site to learn more about each program.