Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Exam

The 2021 Scholarship Exam will take place in-person at St. Joseph Hill Academy High School on Wednesday, December 1st from 3:30 to 5:00 pm. The deadline to register for the exam is Monday, November 29, 2021. The Scholarship Exam fee is $50.00. 

St. Joseph Hill Academy awards multiple full and partial scholarships for qualified students.  In order to be eligible for a full scholarship, a student must select Hill as her first choice school when taking the TACHS (code 223).  If you choose Hill as a second choice school you are eligible to receive a partial scholarship.  

Scholarships are determined using a combination of a student's Scholarship Test, TACHS scores, Middle School grades, and state test scores. Please note there is no test preparation required for this Scholarship Exam, as it will test you on skills you have received throughout Middle School. 

Arrive promptly by 3:15 pm at the High School Main Entrance. You can be dropped off at the Hylan Blvd or Major Ave Gates and we will have volunteers outside to direct you to the entrance. Pick-up will be at the same locations. Please bring two pencils and one pen.

The online application including online registration payment for the 2021 Scholarship Exam is open until 11/29/21.

St. Joseph Hill Academy High School Named Scholarship Opportunities


The following named scholarships were available to the Class of 2025 and awarded in March 2021. The Class of 2026 will have the same opportunity to apply for these special named scholarships when they open in January 2022. Applications will be open to accepted students and all recipients will be informed of the scholarship decisions prior to the deadline for March 2022 registration. We will announce when the named scholarships are open for applications this Winter.


Mary Alice O'Malley graduated from St. Joseph Hill Academy in 1960. She went to St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan, where she graduated as a registered nurse in 1963. The Mary Alice Lucey O'Malley Scholarship Program is open to the daughters of Registered Nurses and First Responders and is named in honor of Mrs. O'Malley's mother Catherine. The scholarship fund will last for 10 years -- which means at least 30 St. Joseph Hill students will benefit from the program. Each scholarship will provide approximately 80% of the total annual tuition for each student for their four (4) years of enrollment at St. Joseph Hill Academy High School. Each awardee family will be required to pay only 20% of the tuition and fees per school year. Parents and/or lawful guardians of incoming Freshmen who are eligible to apply should fill out the attached application. Applicants must submit two letters of references and recipients must maintain a minimum 85 final average in each award year with no failures. Recipients must remain in good disciplinary standing to maintain program eligibility. Grades and conditions will be reviewed each year before continuing awards are granted.

Inspired by Hill’s Centennial Celebration, High School Alumna, Jeanine R. Khoury (’78) recalled how her Hill education, friendships and experiences have influenced her life.  The values and knowledge instilled and the relationships shared while a student at SJHA remain at the heart of who she is and the personal and professional achievements she celebrates. Hill’s Centennial presented the perfect opportunity for Ms. Khoury to acknowledge her appreciation for Hill’s traditions and educational foundation.  She decided to establish a scholarship fund to be awarded to an incoming freshman who demonstrates the qualities of Leadership, Community Service and Integrity.  The initial Jeanine R. Khoury Scholarship was awarded in the fall of 2019. 


The Jeanine R. Khoury Scholarship is open to an entering Class of 2025 Freshman who clearly demonstrates an outstanding commitment to the values and traditions of St. Joseph Hill Academy. The candidate must exhibit strong evidence of leadership, scholarship and service. The scholarship, awarded to one student yearly, provides the recipient with $2,500.00 each year for four (4) years of enrollment at St. Joseph Hill Academy. 

Ms. Constance Costa, a consummate educator and St. Joseph Hill Academy “Lifer” (E ‘61; HS ’65), had a calling to provide opportunities for the undeserved and disenfranchised.  Ms. Costa has always been an advocate for students who struggled academically and emotionally in “traditional” schools and therefore found themselves seeking alternative options.  In June, 2020, Ms. Costa managed to direct a donation of $450,000.00 to St. Joseph Hill Academy to establish The Costa Family Scholarship Fund. The funds have been designated for scholarships and to provide financial assistance for Hill High school students.  The fund may also be used to support scholarships for Hill’s elementary school students, curriculum enhancement, and other special projects.  


The Costa Family Scholarship Fund provides a $5,000.00 partial scholarship (one-half yearly tuition) to one Freshman each year.  The recipient will receive this scholarship for all four years of her education at Hill if she meets the application guidelines, which include maintaining a minimum 85 average in each award year with no failures, remaining in good disciplinary standing, and demonstrating financial need. Above all the recipient must be firmly committed to her four-year education at Hill. 

The Sister M. Charlotte Gulban, F.D.C. Memorial Scholarship Fund honors the legacy of Sister Charlotte, who in August of 2020 celebrated her 75th Anniversary as a Daughter of Divine Charity. A dedicated educator, teacher, and beloved principal at St. Joseph Hill Academy, Sr. Charlotte served for 32 years, touching the lives of thousands of Hilltoppers. The longest-serving principal of St. Joseph Hill Academy High School (1964-1996) passed away on November 25, 2020 at the age of 96. Sister Charlotte’s passing engendered expressions of gratitude and inquires about what could be done to remember her and to ensure that her legacy would be passed on to future generations of Hilltoppers.


In honor of Sr. Charlotte’s deep love of education and commitment to her Hilltoppers, this scholarship in her name will be awarded to a daughter, granddaughter, or sibling of a St. Joseph Hill Academy Elementary or High School alumni. The student must clearly demonstrate an outstanding commitment to the values and traditions of St. Joseph Hill Academy based on scholarship, character, leadership, and service.


With the approval and support of the Daughters of Divine Charity, we thank Ms. Jeanine R. Khoury ’78 for her donation of $10,000.00, along with the support and donations from other donors, allowing us to establish this scholarship. Our hope is to create an endowment fund through additional gifts that will sustain this scholarship in perpetuity. This memorial scholarship fund will allow Sr. Charlotte’s legacy to live on.


The scholarship will annually provide $5,000.00 towards funding for four (4) years of enrollment at St. Joseph Hill Academy to one awardee. The awardee’s family will be required to pay the balance of the tuition and fees each year. Grades and conditions will be reviewed each year before renewing the scholarship award for the next school year.