Hill's Angels

Hill takes Catholic social teaching beyond the classroom and into the community. Known as “Hill’s Angels”, our students are active throughout Staten Island and can be found volunteering at hospitals, senior centers, city parks and beaches, and cultural centers. They provide aid to the underserved through Project Hospitality, by working at food banks, and running collection campaigns. 

Health issues and special needs awareness are promoted through their work for the American Cancer Society, Special Olympics, Autism Awareness Club, and the Seton Foundation for Learning

Summer service takes Hilltoppers to work with Appalachia Habitat for Humanity in providing dignified and affordable housing in Tennessee’s poorest counties.

For many Hilltoppers, this experience “changes their lives”, inspiring them to embark on career paths in education, health, elder care, and administration. 

Colleges and future employers respect service learning, and our young women take their compassion for others into the world outside of Hill.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Hill's Angels have had to get creative in how they can safely serve their community. Two major features of their efforts since March 2020 have been the Caring Cards Program and making and delivering sandwiches to Project Hospitality.

Julia Lalla (’23) started the Caring Cards program at St. Joseph Hill High School in January 2020 to brighten the days of senior citizens living in nursing homes. Even before Covid-19 hit, Julia wanted them to know someone was thinking of them. When the pandemic started, Julia personally made 300 cards for the residents of Clove Lakes Health Care and Rehabilitation.

This Fall, Julia worked with Ms. Madeleine Paladino, Hill’s Service Program Director and Religious Studies Teacher, to introduce her Caring Cards program to all four grades. Hill's Caring Cards Program set out with a goal of donating 400 cards to Clove Lakes but quickly surpassed that when Hill students made 1,780 cards. In addition to Clove Lakes, they shared cards with Meals on Wheels and Carmel Richmond Nursing Home. This holiday season, they are working on continuing their card giving program. Julia and her fellow Caring Cards program volunteers are hopeful their cards bring recipients some joy in difficult times.

Julia LallaPictured here is Julia Lalla presenting the Caring Cards to Roseann Holt, Vice President, Meals on Wheels of Staten Island.

Hill's Angels have been making homemade sandwiches and delivering them to Project Hospitality going on nearly one year now. The students miss volunteering in person but "even though we cannot visibly see their faces when the sandwiches are distributed, in our hearts we are making them smile."

For service opportunities, please check the Service Bulletin Board on the second floor!