Transforming the St. Joseph Hill Academy Sr. Ernestine Jeck, FDC High School Library and Learning Commons

St. Jerome quoteSt. Joseph Hill Academy (SJHA) is launching a campaign to garner financial support for the creation of a state-of-the-art, traditional yet modern, Library and Learning Commons in the High School.  SJHA plans to develop an interactive learning space that is innovative and responsive to the needs of our students, yet continues to honor the traditions of SJHA.  The Library and Learning Commons will be a bustling hub for learning that fosters community and collaboration, versatility, and comfort.  We look forward with great anticipation to the development of this exciting project.  But we cannot do it alone.  We hope we can count on your support and generosity as we bring this project to fruition.  Build your lasting legacy by investing in our students’ future!

Thank you to the Friends of the Hill High School Library and Learning Commons!



Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cardinale

(Reading Room Benefactor)

Mr. Peter Shudtz

(Library and Learning Commons Lobby Benefactor)



The Staten Island Foundation

(Circulation Desk Benefactor)



Dr. Jessica Krietchman and Mr. Carlo Seneca

(SMART Board Benefactor)



Ms. Kathleen Golden

(iMac Computer Benefactor)

Ms. Kristin Corapi, ES '91, HS '95 and Mr. Thomas Moeller

Ms. Danielle DaSilva

Mrs. Donna Griffo-Johnson, '65



Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Buono

Ms. Maria Esposito and Mr. David Dowd

Ms. Sharmila Rao Thakkar, ES '87, HS '91, P'23

Ms. Diane Lisa Sobin and Mr. Larry Sobin

Mr. and Mrs. Nino Tristani

Ms. MaryLou Terranova



Dr. Philippe Akhrass and Dr. Jocelyn Karam

Ms. Joanne Caputo, '86

Ms. Maria Esposito and Mr. David Dowd

Mr. and Mrs. Pietro DiMaggio

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Harris

Ms. Doreen Inserra and Mr. Andrew Ottrando

COL. Harris Lawrence and Dr. Marguerite Rossiello Lawrence, DNP '90

Anne McGee, Col, USAF (ret), DLS '78

Mr. and Mrs. C. Sheikowitz

Ms. Tara Regan, '96



Dr. Loreta Andersen, ES '71, HS '75

Ms. Jennifer Arena

The Arciprete Family (Rebecca '12, Veronica '20, and Giada '24)

Dr. Elizabeth and Mrs. Allen Basile, PES '96, 98, PHS '00

Ms. Donna Chan, '98 and Mr. Daniel Locke

Mrs. Zosia Campisi '92 and Mr. Mark Campisi

Ms. Ilycia Chiaromonte

Ms. Sofia Chierchio

Ms. Lynda Costagliola in memory of Terry and Jerry Costagliola

Ms. Diane Hemmes Del Priore, ES '64, HS '68

The DiGennaro Family

Mr. and Mrs. Pietro DiMaggio

Ms. Joanna Gassoso

Ms. Stefani S. Gomez, '19

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gordon

Dr. Danielle Hernandez

Ms. Lois Hollan, '68

Ms. Donna Luci

Ms. Maria McFeeley

Ms. Eva Marie Nabavi, '11

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Norberg, P '23

Ms. Victoria Piccone

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Piccone

Ms. Betty Ann O'Brien ES '53, HS '57

Ms. Danielle Riccardi, '19

Mrs. Lisa Riccardi, P '19

Ms. Heather Ronco, '90

Ms. Brianna Rotunno, CPA '16

Mrs. Kerry Sullivan, Esq., '81

Ms. Frances Torres

Ms. Cathryn Basile Traphagen ES '96, HS '00

Ms. Entela Treska

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Viggiano

Mr. Leighton Wynter


friends of hill hs library

St. Joseph Hill Academy High School is embarking on an exciting project to re-envision the Sister Ernestine Jeck, FDC Library.  Our goal is to transform the current traditional library into an innovative Library and Learning Commons that features useful areas for students to work in groups, to create an environment conducive to lifelong learning, and inspire students to become engaged, active scholars.  The renovated space will provide a hub for learning and sharing where technology and innovation are paramount.  The modern, elegant look - - combined with the tradition St. Joseph Hill Academy is known for and proud of - - will make for a truly unique and warm setting, inspiring our students to spend more time here.


The Library and Learning Commons will be a collaborative, comfortable, tech-friendly center supporting both socialize and work quietly.  Diverse work stations can accommodate both students who prefer to study and work alone, and students who may prefer to study as a group without interference or overlap. 


A tall table will allow for standing and working on projects, whether designing the layout for the school newspaper or working on a class project.  Seating areas will provide a relaxed space where students can take a break during study periods.  New lighting throughout the space will compliment the plentiful natural light.  Each of the reading tables will be adorned with a classic reading lamp.  Charging areas will be available throughout, as will the technology to utilize streaming platforms such as AirPlay.  Our vision for this space is to elevate students' learning experience.  It will provide students with a sense of community while preparing them for both the academic challenges they will face at Hill and in their future education and careers.  Among our anticipated project outcomes are the development of a life-long love of reading and learning, and a foundation for nurturing students’ ability to adapt to rapidly changing sources of information and the use of technology.


As the renovations proceed, our design includes includes installing versatile, comfortable furniture that is suitable for both individual and group work.  Movable furniture will allow the learning commons space to expand and contract as needed to accommodate various sized student groups and myriad school events including college presentations, career panels, parent meetings, alumnae reunions, donor receptions, and more.  The learning environment will be multi-modal and it will balance individual and group needs, providing a group of five study carrels.


Also key to the design is the inclusion of two SMART Boards (MX275-V2) which will be connected to the school network and function as interactive whiteboards, web browsers, and as extra internal monitors.  The SMART boards can support multiple students at the same time via multiple touch sensors on the same screen.  They also allow for various browsers and SMART apps that can be used to further engage students.   While working in the Library Learning Commons, students can utilize the SMART Boards to support a full catalog of Hill extracurricular activities. Some examples include: writing for the school newspaper; editing the Yearbook; and designing materials for school events and projects.  Rounding out the technology area, a media center console will be installed along with a long computer table with stools, providing space for the students to work on their laptops.


As Hill's technology hub, this new space will support our efforts to keep up with modern, fast-paced technology and a growing computer-savvy student population. This state-of-the-art, multifunctional student learning center encourages focused learning and prepares students both academically and technologically for college.  Students and faculty can access a new iMac computer, the industry standard for graphic design, for Hill's visual arts projects such as The Summit (school newspaper), The Hilltopper (yearbook), The Peak (Literary Magazine) and many other student and school publications.


It is critically important to ensure that the nexus between technology and the creative use of physical space remains flexible and adaptable to accommodate multiple learning modes.  The librarian will continue to serve as a collaborative educator.  They will provide instruction in the use of traditional and new information technologies that enrich and support the curriculum.


Take a virtual tour of our vision for the St. Joseph Hill Academy High School Library and Learning Commons design here. To make this dream a reality for current and future Hilltoppers, we need your support. 




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ALL Donors to the project will also receive recognition as a Friend of the Hill High School Library and Learning Commons on our Library and Learning Commons Webpage on the SJHA High School Website.
To support the SJHA High School Library Learning Commons project, please visit and select Library and Learning Commons Fund from the dropdown menu.
(Reminder: Donors with Gifts of $500 or more will be eligible to renew or earn new membership in The 1919 Society.)



Naming Opportunities


If you are interested in one of the naming opportunities above, or if you have questions about how you can support his project,  please contact Dr. Elizabeth Basile at or call (718) 447-1374, Ext. 9163.


Please note: the renderings included here do not reflect the actual furniture, but rather are illustrative of the type of furniture that will be used and provide a vision of the proposed layout.