The 1919 Society


Established in 2020, The 1919 Society recognizes the sustained annual support of distinguished, leadership-level donors.  Joining The 1919 Society entitles each donor to a number of benefits at one of six giving levels.  Furthermore, it is an opportunity for donors to take their rightful place among Hill’s philanthropic leaders.

The 1919 Society recognizes donors who make an annual leadership-level gift at one of the giving society levels.  Membership in the giving society allows you to play an important role in the financial well-being of St. Joseph Hill Academy and to make a powerful statement about your commitment to our mission of providing an affordable, high-quality, Catholic education to our students.  Induction into The 1919 Society, means much more than joining an elite group. Rather, members make a vital contribution to our academy that ensures that we can continue to meet the mandates of our mission and maintain our highly respected values.

The chart below outlines the six different levels of giving and corresponding benefits.  Membership at all levels is determined by gifts in each current fiscal year from July 1 to June 30.  Membership benefits increase according to the size of the donor’s gift.  We invite you to join The 1919 Society by making a leadership-level commitment today!

Why join The 1919 Society For over one hundred years, St. Joseph Hill Academy has set the standard for outstanding K-12 education. We are proud to educate students who are prepared to face the future with faith, hope, determination, and a conviction that they will make a difference in the world.   We reflect on how far we have come, from our founding in 1919, to the outstanding and widely respected educational institution we are today. We credit the dedicated Daughters of Divine Charity, our outstanding students, parents, faculty and administration, and alumni for our success.  However, none of this would be possible without the support of our loyal donors. 

A widely known and highly regarded educational institution, much of the Academy’s success has been due to the financial support of alumni, parents, faculty, corporate and foundation partners, and our many distinguished benefactors.  Our donors have funded student scholarships, supported teaching innovation, financed major capital improvements, and helped lay a strong foundation for Hill’s future.  Without the support of our donors, St. Joseph Hill would not be the outstanding institution it is today.

Give today and take your place in The 1919 Society!

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*** As a sign of our heartfelt appreciation, Founding Members of The 1919 Society will receive a membership gift … a hand drawn, inked and stamped work of art especially designed for each donor by talented Alumna and Hill Parent, Rita Polidori O’Brien, Founder of SCRIBE New York. 

For more information about joining The 1919 Society, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Basile, Director of Development at or call (718) 447-1374 Ext. 9163.

Donor Recognition Event


FY 2021

July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021


Summum Bonum Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Calcagno

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cardinale

Ms. Constance Costa

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O’Malley

The Michael Gordon Foundation


Leadership Circle


Mr. Anthony Colantone and Mrs. Joy Falanga Colantone

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Donohue

Ms. Jeanine R. Khoury

Mr. and Mrs. Luciano Rammairone

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schirripa

The Northfield Bank Foundation

The Richmond County Savings Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Shudtz

The Staten Island Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Nino Tristani


Trustees’ Circle


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arminante

Ms. Catherine Bertin

Mr. and Mrs. James Coccaro

Ms. Kristin Corapi and Mr. Thomas Moeller

Ms. Mary Galante/Chief Energy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Giardina

Ms. Maureen McHugh

Ms. Donna Griffo-Johnson

Mr. Vincent Indelicato

Ms. Elizabeth Johnsen

Northfield Bank

Ms. Colleen Paglen

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Perciballi

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rooney

Mrs. Judith A. Schweisthal

Mr. Carlo Seneca and Dr. Jessica Krietchman-Seneca

Dr. Janel and Dr. Michael Zacchilli


President’s Circle


Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Conforte

Mr. and Mrs. Deiwis Dos Santos

Ms. Kathleen Golden

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nolan

Ms. Carol Nolan Petronella

Ms. Rita Polidori O'Brien


Principal’s Circle

Mr. Ashrefe Apedo and Ms. Maryam Shaker

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Aversa

Ms. Jennifer Brancato

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Brandon

Ms. Judith Campbell

Dr. Lauren Costa and Mr. Eric Johnstone

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Costa

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Darconte

Mr. Salvatore DePaolo

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dobson

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fama

Dr. Amber Ferrell and Mr. Sean Morales

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fernandez

Dr. Claudia Smolinski Fosket

Mr. Jon Fundaro and Dr. Stephanie Famulari Fundaro

Dr. and Mrs. Orlando Fuschetto

Mr. Mario and Mrs. Angela Giammarco

Ms. Claire McGee Gilbert

Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Patricia Gordon

Gotham Outfitters

Mr. and Mrs. Wojciech Gwozdz

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Heffernan, Jr.

Mr. Pamela Trainor Jones and Mr. Don Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Leone

Dr. John Maese and Dr. Donna Seminara

Dr. Paul J. McGinn

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Metz

Dr. and Mrs. Kurt Miceli

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Montanti

Ms. Patricia H. Nolan

Dr. Anne O'Donnell

The George & Diane Patisso and Frank Dosso Memorial Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Ramirez

Mrs. Mary Catherine Reisert

Ms. Frances Zarrella-Sarcona

Ms. Kathleen Logan Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sheikowitz

Dr. Patricia Schwartz

Ms. Maggie Thomann

Mr. John Valenti and Ms. Allison O'Connor Valenti

Mr. Mark Varano and Mrs. Lori Brill-Varano

Dr. Kim Murphy-Villafane and Mr. Eric Villafane

Ms. Mary K. Winkler

Ms. Cheryl Zabala


Hilltopper Circle

Ms. Anna Abrigo

Dr. Philippe Akhrass and Dr. Jocelyn Karam


Dr. Loreta Andersen

Dr. Patricia Barry and Dr. John Cosgrove

Ms. Donna D'Alessandro Basil

Dr. Elizabeth and Mr. Allen Basile

Ms. Maura Bonnarens

Ms. Benedetta Casamento

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chahwan

Dr. Susan Dantoni and Dr. Peter Papadakos

Dr. Magda Daoud

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D'Arco

Mr. and Mrs. Krzysztof Darlak

Ms. Ami Desai and Mr. Sovrin Shah

DeVito and Alvarado Pediatrics Associates

Mr. and Mrs. Pietro DiMaggio

Ms. Carole Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gabriel

Ms. Anne Golden

Mr. Edward Herman and Mrs. Alison Powers Herman

Ms. Vanessa Holton

Ms. Doreen Inserra

Mr. John-Martin Jackson

Mr. Frank Jerrahian

Ms. Grace Mary Kaiser

Dr. Marguerite Lawrence and Col. Harris Tate Lawrence

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Locke

Ms. Kathleen O'Dea Mezzano

Mr. Edward Maloy

Dr. Rabih Maroun and Dr. Eliane Farroukh

Mrs. Maria Molluzzo

Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Montanti

Mr. and Mrs. John Paskowski

Terence and Mary Alice Platt

Mr. John Rapawy and Mrs. Lainee Bovasso Rapawy

Dr. John and Mrs. Deborah Reilly

Ms. Katherine Santarpia

Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Tejani

Ms. Sharmila Rao Thakkar

Mr. Mark and Mrs. MaryEllen Usarzewicz

Mr. Ryan Walsh and Mrs. Diana Marano Walsh

FY 2022

July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022


Summum Bonum Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cardinale


Leadership Circle


Trustees Circle


Ms. Andrea Addeo

Mr. Paul McGinn

President’s Circle


Ms. Danielle DaSilva

Ms. Kathleen Golden

Ms. Donna Griffo-Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Nino Tristani

Principal’s Circle

Mr. Michael Coppotelli

Ms. Mary Lou Terranova

Dr.  Patricia Schwartz

Ms. Sharmila Rao Thakkar

Hilltopper Circle

Dr. Philippe Akhrass and Dr. Jocelyn Karam

Ms. Judith E. Campbell

Ms. Donna Chan and Mr. Daniel Locke

Ms. Carole Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Chester C. Mikos, Jr.

Ms. Tara Regan

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sheikowitz