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St. Joseph Hill Academy has embarked on an ambitious project to “Build Something Beautiful for God”—a renovation of the St. Joseph Hill Academy Chapel on the fourth floor of the High School wing.  This much-needed project will enhance the beauty and importance of the spiritual and practical aspects of the chapel, making this worship space the most sacred spot on our school campus.  It will reflect our school’s mission of building on faith and demonstrate our love of Jesus and our dedication to St. Joseph and the Holy Family.  It is of paramount importance to our mission that we provide a quiet sacred place that demonstrates to our students the value we, as a Catholic School place on faith and the sacraments.  In so doing, we are addressing the call from St. Pope John Paul II for an integration of faith and reason by providing a sacred place of worship for our students, faculty, staff, parents, visitors and alumni.   

The current chapel has brought peace and comfort to our administration, faculty and students since the mid-1970s, over forty years ago.  The new renovation has been designed under the direction of Sister Mary Coffelt, FDC, Academy President, Sr. Regina Gegic, FDC, Provincial Councilor, and Mrs. Maria Molluzzo, High School Principal.  The chapel will offer a peaceful, sacred place for prayer and a quiet spot to visit and be in the presence of the Lord by using art, design, and architecture that reflect the dignity of the mission and its space.

The renovations include a major refinishing of walls, ceilings and changes in the heating/cooling system.  The Stations of the Cross have been restored and were donated by the Daughters of Divine Charity.  The current altar was also restored, as has a beautiful crucifix depicting the Resurrection which adorns the wall facing the altar.

Newly purchased additions for the chapel include the upcoming installation of two adjacent stained-glass windows which have been donated in Loving Memory of Mary M. (Bruno) Nolan, class of 1958 by her daughter Carol Nolan Petronella (‘80) and son Richard T. Nolan.  In addition, Mary’s wish was to have St. Joseph Hill Academy named as the recipient of memorial donations in lieu of flowers when she passed. In gratitude, these generous donations from Mary’s friends and family were also directed toward the purchase of the stained-glass windows. You can learn more about our cherished alumna Mary M. (Bruno) Nolan here.

Carol quote

The stained-glass windows are designed to ensure and create a bright and welcoming atmosphere as they set the tone for a spirit of meditation and contemplation.   The windows selected depict a contemplative image of St. Joseph at work as he is surrounded by Jesus and the Blessed Mother.  The two panels tell a beautiful story and highlight the central figure that of our patron, St. Joseph in the Holy Family teaching Jesus to work with his hands, as a carpenter. 

tabernacleSince our first outreach, a generous donor has offered to support the very special new addition of this striking handmade tabernacle imported from Italy (pictured here). The tabernacle artfully depicts the Holy Eucharist in the form of bread, wheat and grapes as it flows downward to the tabernacle drawing our attention to the sacred presence of Jesus in the Chapel. A generous benefactor has offered to donate the tabernacle. 

The chapel pews will be replaced with individual chairs which can be moved and positioned as needed by the students for small group discussions and prayer services. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our donors, dedicated chairs are not available at this time.

sanctuary lightThe Sanctuary Lamp (pictured here) will be purchased, as will two altar cloths and a cruet. Anyone interested in donating them, please email Dr. Elizabeth Basile at [email protected] or call (718) 447-1374 Ext. 9163.

Today we are turning to you, our families, friends, and the many individuals who touch our lives to help us bring this good work in honor of the Lord to completion.   We Invite You to Consider an Opportunity for Commemorating Your Living or Deceased Family and Friends.

To donate to the general Chapel fund, please visit: and select Chapel Fund on the drop-down menu.

We thank you in advance for your contributions of prayers and finances, to help us do something beautiful for the Lord, our students, and our entire school community. We are so grateful for the initial outpouring of support toward the memorializing of the chapel chairs and the new tabernacle. 

For more information on the project, please contact the St. Joseph Hill Academy Development Office, Dr. Elizabeth Basile 850 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island, New York 10305. (718) 447-1374 Ext. 9163 or [email protected]





Ms. Carol Nolan Petronella

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nolan

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Mass and High School Chapel Dedication on October 12, 2021
Following a beautiful outdoor Mass celebrated as an Academy, Father Rhey Garcia dedicated the newly renovated St. Joseph Hill Academy Chapel. Thanks to the generosity of our Chapel Fund benefactors, we were able to enhance the beauty and importance of the spiritual and practical aspects of the Chapel. This worship space, the most sacred spot on our school campus, is now open for students to use for prayer and reflection throughout the day and for our Campus Ministry gatherings. 
Many of our Chapel Fund donors were able to join us for the Mass and Dedication. One guest, Anna Abrigo, said, "It was a great day for reflection and celebration and a wonderful opportunity for me to reconnect with Hill. It was great to be back on campus to see student life and the changes first-hand including the beautiful new Chapel. I particularly enjoyed spending time with Sister Denise after these many years."