Mission & Beliefs


 “St. Joseph Hill Academy High School, a Catholic high school, in keeping with Christian values and the traditions of the Daughters of Divine Charity, seeks to educate and empower young women to be confident independent thinkers with strong character and leadership qualities, who stand ready to meet society’s challenges.”



The community of St. Joseph Hill Academy believes that:

  • young women flourish and reach their full potential in an environment rooted in Christian values;
  • education is a shared responsibility;
  • all students have the right to a safe educational environment;
  • technology is an essential component of education;
  • students will rise to meet high academic and moral standards;
  • we are responsible to foster an environment that develops independent-thinkers and confident leaders;
  • community service leads to social consciousness and appreciation for diversity;
  • making God’s love visible in the world is the highest good (Summum Bonum).



A graduate from St. Joseph Hill Academy will be:

  • a disciplined, intellectually inquisitive, analytical thinker who is able to communicate effectively and confidently;
  • compassionate and socially responsible;
  • respectful of life, cultural diversity, and the physical environment;
  • able to use her acquired knowledge as a foundation for life-long learning;
  • an ever-welcomed member of the Hill community.