Board of Trustees

St. Joseph Hill Academy
Under the Direction of the Daughters of Divine Charity
Board of Trustees
Sister Mary Coffelt, F.D.C.*
Provincial Superior,
Chairperson, President
Sister Josita DiVita, F.D.C.*
Vice Chairperson
Sister Regina Gegic, F.D.C.*
Province Canonical Treasurer
Sister Almaisa Lopes de Brito, F.D.C.*
Provincial Secretary

Sister Olivete A. Brandao, F.D.C.*

Sister Denise Martin, F.D.C.

Michele Clifford, HS’93
Michael Coppotelli
Angela Ferrando
John Fodera*
Michael McMahon, Esq. ES’71
Kevin Moran
Deborah Reilly, HS’04
Bishop Edmund Whalen*

Ex-officio Members
Elizabeth Campbell, HS ‘94
High School Principal

Lawrence Hansen
Elementary School Principal
Elizabeth Basile, Ed.D. PES ˈ96, ˈ98,  HS ˈ00
Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations
Lisa Riccardi
Director of Finance, HS/ES
*Connotes Executive Board Member
Revised and Approved:  January 2020
Updated:  November 2023