STEM Pathway

AP Computer Diversity

The STEM program of study immerses students in science, mathematics, engineering and technology, while emphasizing critical thinking and ingenuity. Beginning freshman year, students will engage in 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD), introductory computer programming, and robotics. The STEM Pathway emphasizes real-world collaborative problem-solving skills through project-based learning. This forms the foundation for selecting higher-level coursework detailed below.

The program may be supplemented with a 2-year sequence in fine arts and/or music appreciation and balanced with a range of Humanities Pathway electives.

STEM College and Advanced Placement Courses:

College Algebra & PreCalculus, College Anatomy & Physiology, AP Biology, AP Calculus, College Calculus, College Chemistry, AP Computer Science Principles, College Digital Electronics, College Introduction to Engineering and Design, College Biomedical Engineering, College Environmental Sustainability, and AP Physics.