Sister M. Charlotte Gulban, FDC Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sister Charlotte



St. Joseph Hill Academy Creates Legacy Scholarship Fund in Memory of Former Principal



The Sister M. Charlotte Gulban, FDC Memorial Scholarship Fund honors the legacy of Sister Charlotte, who in August of 2020 celebrated her 75th Anniversary as a Daughter of Divine Charity.  A dedicated educator, teacher, and beloved principal at St. Joseph Hill Academy, Sr. Charlotte served for 32 years, touching the lives of thousands of Hilltoppers. The longest-serving principal of St. Joseph Hill Academy High School (1964-1996) passed away on November 25, 2020 at the age of 96.  Sister Charlotte’s passing engendered expressions of gratitude and inquires about what could be done to remember her and to ensure that her legacy would be passed on to future generations of Hilltoppers.




In honor of Sr. Charlotte’s deep love of education and commitment to her Hilltoppers, this scholarship in her name will be awarded to a daughter, granddaughter, or sibling of a St. Joseph Hill Academy Elementary or High School alumni.  The student must clearly demonstrate an outstanding commitment to the values and traditions of St. Joseph Hill Academy based on scholarship, character, leadership, and service.


With the approval and support of the Daughters of Divine Charity, we thank Ms. Jeanine R. Khoury ’78 for her donation of $10,000, along with the support and donations from other donors, allowing us to establish this scholarship. Our hope is to create an endowment fund through additional gifts that will sustain this scholarship in perpetuity. This memorial scholarship fund will allow Sr. Charlotte’s legacy to live on. We hope you will support our efforts to sustain it in the years to come.


The scholarship will annually provide $5,000 towards funding for four (4) years of enrollment at St. Joseph Hill Academy to one awardee.  The awardee’s family will be required to pay the balance of the tuition and fees each year.  Grades and conditions will be reviewed each year before renewing the scholarship award for the next school year.


Sr. Charlotte will be remembered at St. Joseph Hill Academy for years to come as the young women who are honored to receive this prestigious scholarship shine as a new generation of Hilltoppers.




To support the Sister M. Charlotte Gulban Scholarship Fund and establish an endowment that will ensure that this scholarship continues in perpetuity, please visit:


Checks payable to St. Joseph Hill Academy may be sent to: 


St. Joseph Hill Academy
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(Please add Sr. Charlotte Scholarship on memo line).
If you have been accepted to St. Joseph Hill Academy High School for the incoming Class of 2025 and are eligible to apply, please find the Sister M. Charlotte Gulban, FDC Memorial Scholarship Fund application form here.
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