The Arts

Fine Arts

This course is a foundation course.  Students will be able to apply, recognize, identify and describe the elements of art and the principles of design. Direct observation of the still-life, landscape, and figure along with color theory will be explored.  The materials utilized are pencils both traditional and colored, watercolor, oil pastels, and chalk pastels.

In this course the students will focus on developing an aesthetic awareness.  They will cultivate and develop their own artistic styles and interests through drawing, painting and sculpture. Acrylic paint, watercolor, oil pastel, clay, colored pencils, and chalk pastels are some of the materials used in this course.

In this course the students will actively engage themselves in the media of painting, sculpture, and drawing. Individualized attention will be placed on developing portfolios for college admission. Having previously studied Fine Art I and II the students will be well on their way to finding their own personal style.

This course will focus on the use of the elements and principles of design on a two-dimensional surface.  The students will submit a portfolio of artwork for evaluation by the College Board.  15-20 works will be chosen that demonstrate design skills, synthesis of materials, process and ideas.  For each work you will have to describe in writing, your ideas, the materials you used, and the process you used.

What is art and what does art do?  Art is the making of a statement from the creative human soul using any material the artist chooses.  AP Art History examines the very first artistic image we now possess and continues to explore the many different forms art has taken over time right up to the 21st century.  Students who take AP Art History will acquire the skill of “visual literacy.”  This means that they will be able to “read” the various images we meet in our and the world’s culture and understand the statement that the artist wishes to express.  For example, can you “read” what the artist who created the images on the United States’ dollar bill is saying about this new country?  This course is essential for anyone who wants to live intelligently with the many images we encounter on a daily basis. 

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