Posse Scholarship Awarded to Two Hill Seniors

The Posse Foundation noted that they both, “demonstrated incredible team skills, academic persistence, and a commitment to making a difference both in their own lives and in their community.”

We are so proud of Josie and Katherine for being part of the Smith Posse 8 (they are also, coincidentally, locker neighbors) - what a monumental achievement!

Six Hill Seniors have received Posse Scholarships since 2010, totaling over 1.1 million in Posse scholarship funding for Hilltoppers.
Posse Scholars, like Katherine and Josie, will enter colleges and universities in small, diverse groups known as “posses.” The Posse Foundation uniquely identifies young leaders with great potential great potential for success at highly selective institutions. The Posse model is grounded in the idea that this small group of students will be an essential support system for each other throughout their four years at college.

They celebrated this momentous achievement virtually at the Posse New York Awards Ceremony on January 5, 2022.