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Saint Joseph Hill AcademyUnder the Direction of the Daughters of Divine Charity

Giana Paternostro Makes a Big Catch

This year, Giana's persistence paid off!  On her annual family trip to Lake George, Giana achieved what she set out to achieve five years ago - she caught her first fish!
This year will remain memorable for Giana. "I've been attempting to catch a fish over the coarse of the 5 years we've been heading up to the lake, and this was the year I caught my first one. Although the fish was quite exquisite, we threw him back into the lake after we captured a picture."
Feeling confident after her big catch, Giana also decided that this was the year she was going to try stand up paddle boarding for the first time.  "I was nervous at first, but after a while it became rather simple."
We applaud Giana's tenacious spirit and look forward to her enthusiasm this fall!