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Scholarship Exam Registration

The 2021 Scholarship Exam will take place in-person at St. Joseph Hill Academy High School on Wednesday, December 1st from 3:30 to 5:00 pm. The deadline to register for the exam is Monday, November 29, 2021. The Scholarship Exam fee is $50.00. 

St. Joseph Hill Academy awards multiple full and partial scholarships for qualified students.  In order to be eligible for a full scholarship, a student must select Hill as her first choice school when taking the TACHS (code 223).  If you choose Hill as a second choice school you are eligible to receive a partial scholarship.  

Scholarships are determined using a combination of a student's Scholarship Test, TACHS scores, Middle School grades, and state test scores. Please note there is no test preparation required for this Scholarship Exam, as it will test you on skills you have received throughout Middle School. 

Arrive promptly by 3:15 pm at the High School Main Entrance. You can be dropped off at the Hylan Blvd or Major Ave Gates and we will have volunteers outside to direct you to the entrance. Pick-up will be at the same locations. Please bring two pencils and one pen.

The online application including online registration payment for the 2021 Scholarship Exam is open until 11/29/21.

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After submitting your registration, please make your $50.00 Scholarship Exam fee payment online here: https://secure.etransfer.com/SJHA/ScholarshipExam.cfm

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