*NEW COURSE ALERT* Cybersecurity PLTW Computer Science Class

Mrs. Sandy Nevins, Hill’s STEM and PLTW Program Coordinator, will teach the course this school year following a training program she completed in June. 


"When I was little the only thing that got me into the dentist's office were the puzzles on the back of the Highlights magazine. Cybersecurity is like being the puzzle maker as well as the puzzle solver," said Mrs. Nevins.


The course will expose Hilltoppers to the ever growing and far reaching field of cybersecurity. As with all PLTW courses, students accomplish this through problem-based learning, where students role-play and train as cybersecurity experts.The four components of the cybersecurity course include personal security, system security, network security, and applied cybersecurity.


Hill is equipping our students with the skills they need to meet society’s challenges!