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Saint Joseph Hill AcademyUnder the Direction of the Daughters of Divine Charity

Art Students Get Creative for a Good Cause

The Memory Project is a charitable nonprofit organization that invites art teachers and their students to create and donate portraits to youth around the world who have faced substantial challenges, such as violence, disasters, extreme poverty, neglect, and loss of parents.
The portraits are to help the children feel valued and important, to know that many people care about their well-being, and to act as meaningful pieces as personal history in the future.  For the art students, this is to be an opportunity to creatively practice kindness and global awareness.  
The children who will receive portraits from our Art class students all live near Les Cayes, the region of Haiti that suffered the great damage from Hurricane Matthew.  Many of them are still living in temporary shelters while their families work to build more permanent homes.  
For these children, receiving a portrait will be an important marker in their lives.  Not only will the portraits help to color new memories for them after the hurricane, but they will also help to show the children how deeply other people care about their well-being.  
Please CLICK HERE to see our incredibly talented students' artwork
CLICK HERE to see the short video of all the participating children in Haiti receiving their portraits.