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Hill Faculty Member Publishes Peer-Reviewed Article

Dr. Arcieri
We are proud to announce that Dr. Amanda A. Arcieri, Ph.D., Hill College Psychology Teacher and Class of 2008 Alumna, designed and wrote an article that was recommended for publication after an academic peer-review process and accepted by the journal, Psychological Reports. Dr. Arcieri is the sole author of the publication titled, “The Relationship between COVID-19 anxiety, Ageism, and Ableism.”
Dr. Arcieri’s work as a social psychologist specializes in research on prejudice and discrimination. In this article, Dr. Arcieri designed an anonymous survey to assess anxiety about the pandemic and prejudice towards the elderly and people with disabilities. Dr. Arcieri conducted a hierarchical linear regression analyses that found those who were more anxious about getting COVID expressed more prejudice towards the elderly and people with disabilities. This effect was more pronounced in younger people and men.
Dr. Arcieri started teaching College Psychology at Hill this semester and also teaches psychology courses at Wagner College and St. John's University on Staten Island. She graduated with her Ph.D. from the University of Sydney in 2018 and has conducted several independent and original research projects at Wagner College (where she received her B.A. in psych). She has several manuscripts up for peer-review in academic journals in the coming months.