Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry at St. Joseph Hill Academy includes three key features:
  1. Kairos Retreat Program
  2. Junior Associates
  3. Student Ministry
St. Joseph Hill Academy is the only High School on Staten Island to provide the life-altering opportunity to attend Kairos Retreat Program. Kairos is a 4-day student-led retreat that takes place off--campus, usually at a retreat center. It is time to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and grow in relationship with self, others, and God. Students serve as leaders and adult leaders are composed of current faculty/staff and alumni.  An alumnae also serves as a rector for each retreat - the person who runs the retreat itself.  
Kairos Retreat pre-Covid 2020 
Junior Associates are the bridge between the Daughters of Divine Charity and the student body.  Students will spend time with the Sisters, play games and eat snacks about once a month. It is for all class grades (not just Juniors). Hill Alumnae through the generations have always maintained a strong bond with our school's founding Sisters. 
Student Ministry is a group of students who participate in Bible Study two times per month, plan prayer services and Masses, and participate in community service opportunities. It is a fun way for students to get to know each other and God. This club is a place to be at peace with God and oneself. It is a wonderful way for student's to expand their faith. 
Moderators:  Sister Liceria, Sister Denise, and Ms. Mistretta