Our Program

St. Joseph Hill Academy has an extensive sports program for student athletes. This program affords students the opportunity to compete in the New York Archdiocese Catholic High School Athletic Association. Whether in the pool, on the court, or on the field, Hill athletes gain confidence, leadership and self-respect. Students learn to set goals and manage their time while developing physically, intellectually and socially. Through athletics girls form bonds and friendships over grade levels. Athletes realize that each has a valuable role to fulfill for the good of the team.

The Athletic program is comprised of 14 sports in three different seasons. 

Cheerleading Basketball Flag Football
Cross Country Bowling Golf
Soccer Indoor Track & Field Lacrosse
Tennis Swimming Outdoor Track & Field
Volleyball   Softball


In the past several years, over 15 students received Division I and II scholarships in swimming, basketball, track, soccer, and golf, adding to Hill's strong athletic history that includes Varsity Club and Jaques Award Winners.

Hill prides itself on our exceptional dedication and sportsmanship in addition to our athletic accomplishments. LET'S GO KOALAS!