Track (All Seasons)



Track consists of 3 seasons: Cross Country (Fall), Indoor (Winter), and Outdoor (Spring). The better runners participate in all three seasons, but some student-athletes make a good transition to and from other sports. Basketball players often use cross-country for conditioning. Soccer players will join the Indoor and Outdoor Seasons. We welcome runners of all abilities. This team isn’t only about competition and training. It’s about having fun and making new friends.

Cross Country is competitive running that takes place on wooded trails with uphill, downhill, and flat terrain. Freshmen run races of 1.5 miles, while Varsity runners run 2.5 or 3.1-mile races. Competitors need to maintain a high level of aerobic conditioning, so dedication is a must. Training starts in the middle of August and the season ends in late November. The meets are held in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx and Clove Lakes Park here on Staten Island. The practices are held at Hill and at Clove Lakes Park.

Indoor is the winter season. Training begins in early December and the season ends in early March. The practices are held here at Hill and at Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex. The meets are held at the Armory Track Center in Manhattan. The competition consists of individual and relay races around a 200 meter oval track and field events. Events include: sprints (55 to 400 meters), middle distance (600 to 3000 meters) and field events, such as jumps, hurdles, and shot put.

Outdoor is the spring season. Training begins in early March and the season ends in late May. The majority of meets are held on Staten Island and practices are at Hill. This season has the same events as indoor with the addition of javelin, discus, and 400m hurdles.



Head Coach Joe Rauchet

Asst. Coach Joe Genovese

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